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Your New Digital Agency Is A Platform.

We are the largest curated network of digital studios and creative technologists. Submit your marketing goals and challenges, and experience the creativity and expertise of our Partner Network. Receive proposals including ideation, proposed budgets and timelines.

Technology is the new TV commercial.

Brand experiences are now created by technology and facilitated by digital platforms. Tell us your goals and your target audience, and we’ll help you discover the technologies right for you. Or you can pick one you have in mind.

The alternative to the agency-of-record.

If you’re a Fortune 100 company, you can afford an AOR and you probably need one. But if you’re not, then you probably don’t.

We came from the AOR agency world. And we realized there’s a need for a project-based agency platform. Why? Because no single agency can create content for every platform, on every channel, with every technology.

Instead of paying yearly retainers for an AOR, what if there was a platform to connect you to the same top studios AORs use, without the retainers and multiple markups? This was our epiphany. And it provides our clients approximately 30% savings per project.

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Our Partner Network studios ideate and develop proposals for the following specializations:

Augmented Reality

UX/UI Design

Virtual Reality

Amazon Echo/Google Home

Mobile Wallet Passes

Event Activations

Messaging Chatbots

Vertical Video

How It Works

It’s simple. A 4-step process designed to deliver custom proposals and get you into production as quickly as possible.


Tell us about your goals, your target audience and your approximate budget.


Receive proposals from our Partner Studios within 7 days, including creative execution, budget and timeline.


Review your proposals and select your Partner. You’ll have the chance to revise project details if needed.


Get connected with the Partner of your choice and begin your project!

The Alphachannel Partner Network

Each of our Partner Studios has been personally engaged and individually onboarded. Partners have been selected for their competency, craft, professionalism and production value. Submit a single One-Minute RFP to receive proposals from multiple Partners.

Invest one minute. Receive the proposals you were hoping for.

Receive Creative + Production proposals from our Partner Network which include creative execution, production budgets and timelines. Your RFP is managed privately and your contact information is kept confidential.

The Alphachannel Blog

Brand case studies, technology guides and videos to keep up on the latest opportunities and trends.

Amazon Echo Skills

Create custom voice-powered brand experiences for your customers.

Learn More About Amazon Echo Skills

Augmented Reality

Add digital content to your physical products.

Learn More About AR

Messaging Chatbots

Reach audiences on messaging with automated ecommerce, mini-campaigns, and customer service.

Learn More About Chatbots

Mobile Wallet

Send content, offers and push notification to mobile devices.

Learn More About Mobile Wallet Passes

Virtual Reality

Step into a digital environment of your own making.

Event Activations

Interactive displays, video walls and projection experiences for event and festival booths.

We Are Engaged By Brands, Agencies and Publishers

Every project is different. So we engage our clients at the levels of high-touch or low-touch that you request. We are happy to consult, manage projects, or simply connect you directly with the studio specialist you want to move forward with.

Reach Out To Us

Have an interesting project or partnership idea? Get in touch to chat or shoot us questions. We love hearing from you.

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