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Is Alphachannel a digital agency?

Alphachannel is designed to provide a large part of the value of a digital agency, in the form of an online SaaS platform. We call it Agency-As-A-Service. We’re not a full-service agency, and we don’t charge like on either. However, we come from the creative agency world in New York City, so we can play ball and we’re happy to consult and help manage your project. When you submit an RFP, simply let us know you’d like some support, and we’ll provide you the expertise and service you need.

When I submit an RFP, is it posted publicly to the site?

No, it is not. When you submit an RFP, your request is handled privately. Nothing is posted publicly, and your RFP is only shown to partners with the relevant expertise for your specific project. Furthermore, clients can choose to keep their brand name undisclosed, if your project requires discretion. Just let us know what’s confidential and what’s not when you submit your RFP.

Is Alphachannel a crowdsourcing platform?

Alphachannel is not a crowdsourced platform. In fact, we sometimes use the term “pro-sourced” to describe our curated-studio model. In contrast to platforms like Tongal, Alphachannel’s client RFPs are not offered to be solved by the public, and your project is not offered as a creative contest. Because we guarantee our proposals, it’s important to us to provide solutions from experienced, professional partners.

How do you select studios for The Alphachannel Partner Network?

We’re passionate about creative digital experiences and the studios who create them. For each studio, we perform research on the competency, production values and teams behind the work. We also meet each studio team so we have a relationship with the Partners working on your business.

Can I connect with studios directly?

When a client has approved a proposal, we connect them to the studio they selected. The unique value we offer to clients is a Single Point of Contact for sourcing, briefing and managing multiple bids from multiple partners. Submit once, and receive multiple proposals. It’s that simple.

What’s your business model?

Alphachannel is free to use for brands, publishers and agencies. We source, brief and collect proposals from our curated network of studios at no charge.

When a client is ready to move forward with a studio proposal, we collect a fee from our studio partner. Our fee is performance-based: it’s only collected upon a matched project.

One-Minute. One RFP. Multiple Proposals.

RFPs don’t have to be a chore. Simply answer 7 questions, and receive proposals from our Partner Network including ideas, budgets and timelines. Your RFP is managed privately and your contact information is kept confidential.