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We’d argue that Domino’s understands the future of marketing better than it understands making pizza. Modern brands are built not with ad units, but with a sequence of innovative and useful customer experiences. Here’s a brief timeline of the tech-enabled experiences Domino’s has recently offered:

2015: Pizza Emoji Ordering. Order a pizza by texting the pizza emoji to Domino’s.

2015: DXP Delivery Vehicle. With integrated warming oven, 80-pizza capacity and a light which projects their logo on the street.

2016: Pizza Drones. Domino’s begins drone delivery in New Zealand.

2016: Zero-Click Ordering. An app which orders a pizza upon opening the app.

2017: Internet of Things: Starting this week, Domino’s can turn on your porch lights, text your roommates, or turn on the football game when your pizza is out for delivery.

Every brand is now a technology company. Want to create an innovative experience for your customers? Let our Partner Network propose ideas and digital channels to reach your audience.

Alphachannel Customer Experience

We’re offering a limited number of 30-minute Brand+Tech workshops to NYC-based brands who want to better understand the future of technology-enabled customer experiences. Our multimedia presentation provides an overview of new digital channels like messaging chatbots, Alexa skills, and Facebook’s foray into augmented reality. We’ll tell you the budgets to produce them and the studios who create them.