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Google Home Burger King

April 12, 10:22 AM: Burger King debuted a new TV commercial in which the on-camera actor asks, “Ok Google, what is the Whopper burger?” Which triggered thousands of Google Home living room units to answer the question.

April 12, 2:45 PM: Google globally disabled the voice trigger across all Google Home units.

Google wasn’t involved in Burger King’s Google Home concept, and it’s safe to assume they deemed it too intrusive to allow. But in terms of PR, the BK-Google battle is probably a win for everyone. Burger King gets credit for a marketing prank, and Google gets to be the hero who stops it.

Additionally, as reported on The Verge: “As of 2:45PM ET, Google Home will no longer respond when prompted by the specific Burger King commercial that asks “What is the Whopper burger?” It does, however, still respond with the top result from Wikipedia when someone else (i.e., a real user) other than the advertisement asks the same question. Google has likely registered the sound clip from the ad to disable unwanted Home triggers, as it does with its own Google Home commercials.

After the ad debuted at 12PM ET today, many users have edited the Wikipedia entry for the Whopper, adding a slew of troll-tastic descriptions including “cancer-causing,” “a chocolate candy” (in reference to the Hershey candy) and ingredients like “toenail clippings” and “rat.” Briefly, some users were able to get their Google Homes to respond with the edited entries (as did we, in a test yesterday). Wikipedia has now locked the entry, allowing changes to be made only by authorized administrators.”

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