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JET • FACEBOOK LIVE Literally Sliced 21% Off A Bunch of Products on Facebook Live to Dramatize the Gender Wage Gap

When you cut off 21 percent of a microwave or tube of toothpaste, it doesn’t work the same way—or at all. Similarly, that’s the story for companies that pay women an average of 21 percent less than men, a point that is driving home in honor of Equal Pay Day by literally cutting up the products it sells on its site.

Earlier today, the online retailer hosted a Facebook Live, where a water laser-cutting machine physically shaved off 21 percent of various products, from flat screen TVs to dryer sheets, to show that nothing works when it’s not at parity to others. Viewers could vote on which product to cut, and throughout the broadcast the hosts discussed facts on the pay gap such as the United States ranks 74th among 145 countries in terms of wage equality for similar work. also is covering 21 percent of its homepage today with the message “79 percent is not enough. Women deserve more,” with a link to a letter from its president, Liza Landsman, explaining the gender pay gap and how customers can get involved.

Watch video above.

Jet - "Equal Pay Day" Live Stunt

Facebook Live

Est. Budget: $70,000

Est. Prod. Timeline: 5 Weeks


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