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Amazon Echo/Alexa Skills

Amazon Echo is the physical speaker. Alexa is the voice-powered platform inside. Brands are now able to create custom Alexa “Skills”, accessible by the 7+ million Amazon Echo users.

The Echo and Dot

Amazon Echo, and the smaller Dot, are typically placed in a user’s kitchen (50.9%) or their living room (33.5%). Brands can engage their audiences with their voices, in the privacy of their own home.

Create Custom Alexa & Alexa Skills For Your Brand

Alexa Skills are voice-powered apps. Brands like Uber, Audible, Ford, Nest, and Whirlpool have created Alexa skills to drive purchases, provide customer support, or offer entirely new voice-based experiences.

The Alphachannel Guide To Amazon Echo For Brands

We published a proprietary Guide to Amazon Echo which provides an overview for developing Alexa skills for your audience. Tap below to view it on Medium.

Have Questions About Amazon Echo Skills?

Amazon Echo is a new marketing channel and we expect you to have questions. Reach out below, and we’ll send you examples of Amazon Echo branded skills, along with pricing, timeline and studio information.

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